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I understand the challenges and complexities of leading a sales organization and believe business owners should never have to worry about lacking the right plan or team to drive growth.

At Sales Xceleration, our mission is to build a path to more sales through our Certified Sales Operating Management System™ and expert sales guidance.

  • Sales Strategy: Through our proven Sales System, we guide sales teams in formulating key sales components to enhance focus, alignment, and overall performance.
  • Sales Infrastructure: We focus on building a solid foundation for growth by implementing the best sales processes and equipping your team with the right tools.
  • Sales Management: As seasoned sales leaders, we manage and mentor your team while supporting processes and tools are established and successfully adopted.
  • Sales Team: We conduct comprehensive assessments to pinpoint skill or personnel gaps within your team, followed by a strategic action plan for enhancement.
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Client Challenges

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I work with businesses of all industries and sizes, but typically serve those with:

  • Annual sales revenue between $5M and $50M
  • A B2B focus with a sales cycle of 3+ months
  • An Owner/CEO directly leading the sales effort (but ​usually not effectively)
  • An Owner whose skills/talents do not lie in sales
  • An ineffective or reactive sales effort - clients frequently ​find them
  • Stagnating or declining sales
  • Companies growing too fast that do not have the right ​tools or people in place

I am passionate about helping my clients, and often find they say things such as:

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  • We have no formal sales process
  • I am doing too many things and none of them very well
  • What we did in the past is no longer working
  • I feel trapped in the business
  • We lost a big customer - now what?
  • Inability to find the "right" salesperson
  • Not sure where to start - I don't know what I don't know
  • We're unable to take sales to the "next level"
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Our Certified Sales Operating Management System™ resolves my client’s biggest sales challenges:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Infrastructure
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Team
    • Amplify Recruiting
    • Sales Rep Training + Coaching
    • Certified Sales Leader (CSL) Training
  • Quality of Sales

tom daly

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